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Welcome to our case and documentation library

In the table below you will find a number of articles and presentations which Forotech's partners and outside contributors wish to share with you.

If you want to contribute to this library dedicated to the discussion of essential value creation business topics contact us. We shall revert to you promptly and include your references in the list of our business links after review.


      Author          Link
NEW: Tough Interview preparation50 tough questions and suggestions for answering themPeggy McKee       Download
New: MIT report on sustainability MIT and BCG propose a comprehensive 360 degree.
Walkers vs Talkers and management measures to get there is quite interesting
MIT SMR BCG       Download
New:PR program Tips for startupsPresentation with a number of tips on how to design and execute a PR program in start-ups,be it for fund raising or acquisition of customers      OnBoardly      Download
Startups secretsTips on hiring and recruiting top performersMichael Skok
Harvard Innovation Lab
Startups secrets 2.0
Interview questions to spot the perfect match with company culture and job profileMichael Skok
Harvard Innovation Lab
Craft powerful  and efficacious emailsPresentation "Anatomy of a 5 stars email"Hubspot       Download
MIT Tech review article
 "Tale of 2 drugs"
Best ever written article on cost of life,
business and pharmaceutical industry

     (click to link)
Barry Werth author of bestseller
"Billion dollar molecule"
Fundraising ToolkitSimmons & Simmons       Download
2G Bioethanol: Product pricing and route valuationScott Mangeau / SK7       Download
Ernst & Young 2011 Biotech reportE&Y       Download
NEWPrivate equity tips and tricksTheo O'Brien      Download
NEW6 deadly marketing myths www.hubspot.com      Download
NEWSurvey results Industrial ChromatographyJLRDBEmail request only
Financing Entrepreneurs  Bankers and Entrepreneurs, a study by Gilles le GuennecGilles le Guenec     Download
Due Diligence questionnaireQuestionnaire from Nicole Amorah / Linkedin   Nicole     Download
Fund Raising QuestionnaireQuestionnaire from Nicole Amorah / Linkedin   Nicole     Download
Licensing: Importance in creating value
Presentation Life Sciences Forum Basel 2011   JLRDB     Download
   Background documentation LFSB 2011 presentation     Download
Entrepreneurs & Investors
Valuation techniques: Tricks of DCF analysis (life science industries focus)   JLRDB     Contact us
   R&D portfolio management basics   JLRDB     Contact us
    Valuation techniques: Use in licensing and M&A activities (life science industries focus)   JLRDB     Contact us
   Valuation techniques: Use in R&D sizing (life science industries focus)   JLRDB     Contact us
   Due diligence lists (life science industries focus)   JLRDB     Download
   Valuation techniques and Value Creation (life science industries focus)   JLRDB     Contact us
  Essential Business sayings for entrepreneurs and investors   JLRDB     Download
  Survey results and analysis Deal Killers in business plan reviews   JLRDB     Download