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We recommend the following set of complementing seminars and lectures:

     .  Turnaround Management

     .  R&D Management

     .  Product Positioning

     .  Top Line Growth methodologies and implementation

     .  Key success factors in selling highly engineered products

     .  Financial Valuations

     .  Fiscal optimization

     .  Supply Chain Management

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     Item                Description          Costcolumn 4
Decision Support Software        Test version: 1 run     € 2500,-  We shall assist you in entering the information
in the software  Contact us
            5 runs     € 7500,- (*) ibid. Use this facility in order to optimize the profile of your product  Contact us
              10 runs     € 7500,- (*) Use the 10 runs capability in order to develop a picture of your portfolio and start optimizing  Contact us
             25 runs     € 7500,- (*) With 25 runs you really can start mastering the decision making of your portfolio  Contact us
            Illimited           TBD Includes workshops consulting and presentations on an ad-hoc basis  Contact us
                 (*): Coaching  included

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